It's been coming for some time, the time when the Winchcombes go back on tour. It's been a while, 12 years in fact, since our last real holiday which saw us in Goa during Easter 1997. I was tiring of all those 'holiday of a lifetime' occurences and after doing Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Malaysia and India a couple of times it was years before it struck me what had happened: I haven't left Europe for over a decade! 

Look out Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra, here we come, March 2009, countdown is progressing.

But why India I hear you ask, in fact, it's more like I heard you gasp. Well I wanted to celebrate my 40th (let's call it my 30 + 10th) birthday by going somewhere special and two key holidays are held dear in my heart, India/Nepal in 1996 but more importantly safariing in Kenya and Tanzania in 1990 and 1992. So I really wanted to go back to India but the pull of seeing some wild animals in Africa was quite strong. Then it struck me that India has loads of wildlife reserves and whilst they're not the Serengeti they'll do just fine.

So Big Cats & Holy Ghats is the title but that's not just what we're going there for. Yeah, for sure, we're going to see some temples and we're going to Ranthambhore for the tigers but it's more, so much more than that. In case you're wondering Namaste is the greeting used in the India.

Until we actually depart you'll find information about planning the trip but once we leave I'll try to update this blog every other day with some text and some photos. Please leave us comments so we know there's someone out there.

BTW, there'll be no postcards coming home from India so this is the best you'll get!

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