Feb 24 2009

Water, Water, Give Me Water

It's been an odd couple of weeks.

The flights are booked; car and driver is booked; trains are all booked; India related books have all been purchased - mostly from Amazon, some were only £0.01 plus £2.50 postage...bargain!; we've watched all the India related films we've got, or borrowed (Wink)

So the only thing left to do is get stuff ready.

Always in the market for something useful, different and cheap I decided that we needed to sort the water carrying out. Amy is very forgetful at drinking water and in temperatures around the 40°C mark, we needed to make sure water was always nearby. A solution was needed, preferably a geeky one, but failing that, something that works. There's loads of devices out there from carabiner clips through to Camelbaks and beyond. But I'm me and I wanted CHEAP.

I decided that we were not going to take water bottles (like our bike ones) with us but we would just buy (plastic) bottled water and carry that around. Half a nanosecond of thought later and I decided that we needed to buy a device to carry the water bottle in. Before you say it, yes I've seen Slumdog Millionnaire, I'll watch out for a glued bottle cap.

Thanks to the wonderful world of eBay, I'll soon be the proud owner of two of these from Malaysia; total cost: £6.11.

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