Mar 30 2009

Is It Really Only Day Two?

 I can't believe we've only been here for two full days; we've seen so much and my feet hurt!

I'll let the kids tell you about some of the places we've been today but I'll focus on our last destination; Fatehpur Sikri.

I was worried about going here as it has recently gained a very bad reputation for touts constantly hassling you, never letting up and worst of all they follow you around the complex. Well, perhaps I got lucky or was it my strategy that worked? I decided that I'd hire a guide almost immediately, as long as he could convince me that he knew his stuff and more importantly, I could understand what he was saying. I'm sure the 400 rupees I spent were ridiculously over the top but my strategy worked as he fended off many of the unwanted hawkers and touts. This made my Fatehpur Sikri experience absolutely brilliant and I felt I knew the 400 year old city well by the time we returned to the car after a tuk-tuk ride.

So, up to now I said 'no' to all the possible guides, well actually I said 'no', 'no thank you', 'no', 'no', 'I said no, 'I don't want a guide', 'look. NO' get the idea. But I think from know on I will take a guide where a simple walk around with my little learned knowledge won't be enough.


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