Feb 01 2009

When is the Right Time to Book Flights?

It's always difficult to know when to book the flights; is it best to book early or leave it until the last minute?

I booked ours in September before the sale ran out on 27th September 2008.

Since then once a month I've been checking the flights and both British Airways and Virgin had 'sales' in September and December/January. At this time the flight prices dropped by 25%. At other times the prices have reverted back but now, with 8 weeks to go, they have dropped a little, but not below the sale price.

Eight weeks to go and it seems I can still book for four of us on almost the dates I wanted, I'd just have to return one day later as the flight out is okay but not the one back. The price is 13% higher than what I paid.

So it seems that booking six months ahead saves you money and you get the availability that suits your needs exactly.

Price Check Information:

  • September (6 months to go), sale on, lots of availability, bought tickets
  • October (5 months to go), 'normal' price, 33% higher that 'sale' price, availability okay
  • November (4 months to go), 'normal' price, availability okay
  • December (3 months to go), sale on, same price as I paid, availability okay
  • January (2 months to go), sale on, same price as I paid, availability getting less
  • February, (1.5 months to go), price seems to be coming down, now 15% lower than the 'normal' price but still 13% higher than the 'sale' price


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